10 good reasons to go through the unique MOE experience

  1. The taste is not in the wine; the taste is created by the brain of the wine taster.
  2. A conscious wine tasting is a personal experience, that marks the relationship between man and wine
  3. The relationship between man and wine is based on the principles of pleasure.
  4. MOE is sharing, involvement, and socialization.
  5. Environmental conditions affect the personal image of wine in your mind. 
  6. Behind the label, there are history, culture, and high quality
  7. Wine and Music are an essential part of our daily life. Both are good media between sensory and emotion.
  8. The harp is a musical instrument with a huge amplitude of sound, capable of turning the corporeity of any individual and creating excellent response mechanisms.
  9. The soundtrack is fantastic, but your focus is on wine.
  10. MOE is an experience forever, in your mind and in your hear

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For all the sailors of beauty, on fine wine’s waves.    MOE. EMOTIONAL WINE TASTINGS

Events 2022

September 17th Cascina Montagnola, Viguzzolo. “The Eclectic wines from Tortona Hills”

October 15th Museo Pellizza, Volpedo. “Derthona, White Barolo”

November 11th Marchesi Alfieri, S.Martino Alfieri  “Barbera History”

November 12th, Corte Gondina, La Morra “Barolo Souls”

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