The Wine Experience you are missing

The perfect wine tasting is an exciting journey in the dimension of senses, in which the ideal environment is given not only by the enological characters and the sensorial notes in a brilliant wine, but also by the charisma of the location, the historical values, the image, the marketing, the language, and, obviously, the music. Moe takes your hand and gets you in a varied universe, to the pursuit of pleasure, for you to experience a different and deeper taste. Music is the most important travel mate, able to affect your personal sense of taste, in the aftermath of neuro enology’s principles.

So Moe leads its wine tastings with a customized soundtrack, enhancing the creation of taste and turning your wine experience into pure emotion.

Moe events consist in two formats.

  1. Moe Iconic. With live musical performance, for institutional events
  2. Moe Wide. With musical performance by device, for hospitality and promotion

Actually Moe events are at Marchesi Alfieri Castle (San Martino Alfieri-Asti), Corte Gondina boutique Hotel (La Morra-CN) and Perla Del Garda Cellar (Lonato del Garda-BS)


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