Wine and music are totally connected, as they carry messages between body and mind.

Our task is to offer the best environmental conditions for you to taste and enjoy the wine in a different but more wholesome way.
“Music Oenology” is an exclusive project based on some principles of neuro-enology, which scientifically demonstrated how the way we taste wine is closely related to environmental factors which affect its essence.
To make the experience more personal “MOE” will be accompanied by live music with selected musical pieces that go well with the chosen wine.
This will result in a great and pleasurable wine tasting which also will stir our feelings being surrounded by the beauty and the great history of Piemonte which produces some of the best wines in the world.

The wine produced from the vine and vine shoots combined with the music will create, whilst tasting the wine, a  deep and unique emotion.

PILOT EVENTS: “Eclectic wines from Tortona Hills”

April 23rd 2022. Cascina Montagnola, Viguzzolo Tortona

 June 25th 2022.     Cascina Montagnola, Viguzzolo Tortona




September 17th 2022. Cascina Montagnola, Viguzzolo, for wines from Tortona Hills

October 15th 2022 Pellizza Museum, in Volpedo, for Derthona

November 11th 2022, Marchesi Alfieri, in S.Martino Alfieri, for Barbera







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