Contradictions. (Contradissiòn in the Piedmontese slang)

You will love Piedmont for all and its opposite suit

Travelling across the most authentic Piedmont is a bit like flying. From the elegance of Turin architecture to the precise geometry of  the Langhe vineyards, from the aesthetics of the Lake Maggiore gardens to the wildflowers of the Alps, from the modern industry to the field work, from the valuable expertise of Valenza to the dog that digs after  sniffing a white Alba truffle, from the stern personality of Barolo to the Barbera Renaissance, from the strength of a garlic, oil, and anchovy dip to the style of a recipe by Savoy house, from art, which tells the social progress of the working class and the balance between nature and artifice, to the design, that projects our identity into the future.

We, the people of Piedmont, also represent a contradiction, being a bit “savage and wandering like Paolo Conte says in the song “Genova per noi”, but guys with big heart and sensitivities.

These oppositions strengthen our uniqueness and strong devotion to the attributes of excellence: it is what makes Piedmont a fine terroir that will surprise you, preserving and reviving its great tradition, day after day.

Italian Sentimento proposes unique and exclusive experiences, interlacing the history and culture of fine Piedmont with the players and the scenery of our style and excellence.

Barolo souls. The King of wines: history, culture, features, characters and differences.

exclusive news

Moe Music Oenology  is a very special wine tasting with musical accompaniment, according to the neuro enology’s principles.


Cheese….click! Timeless picture of one among the first human food.

Naturalis Karma. Food and wine throwback to the genuineness and old flavours.

Hazelnut, Mondotondo. Total experience about the hazelnut from Piedmont, the round, gentle and trilobed one: the best in the world.

Derthona, white Barolo. From the ancient Timorasso varietal, an intriguing vertical tasting


Top Truffles experience takes you in the depth of the world of first-class truffles top quality truffles world, with scenes on the ground, culture and sensory side

We make your dreams. Let’s discover Valenza, the place where thousand goldsmiths handmake your most beautiful dreams.

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