“In a region with a millenarian tradition of cheese, I lead my work with the best respect for the history of my family, but also looking to the future, because I want my cheeses like the expression of a fusion, between ancient and modern, and definitely different from the others”  

Mario Sarale




La Bottera is in Morozzo, at the foot of Monviso mountain in Cuneo Province. Owned by the 7  Sarale brothers, their productions combine the high milk’s quality with local Piedmontese tradition and a creative touch, paying very close attention to the genuineness, flavour, and wellness.  Therefore, the pureness of our milk and the fragrance of flowers and leaves are the wonder for all the consumers tuned with the top quality.

La Bottera is a wonderful and tiny country world, made by uncontaminated nature, animals, and the Sarale family, respecting and maintaining the balance just as hundred years ago, with Love and Passion, but with strict microbiological and quality controls. In their gamma of brilliant cheeses you can find, in particular, the Barolo Testun, typical and historical cheese with Barolo wine, the pride of Langhe, Piedmont, and whole the Italian wine.  Now Mario and Anna Sarale lead some very interesting experiences and accompany the guests on a charming trip in the cheese world, in the farm, and in the typical trattoria, offering also a good stay in their enchanting 600’s mansion.

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