Almost forbidden to drink today

“Loves you dreamed were ageless, knights in the wind taking you the moon” (Fabrizio de André)

    Youthful, dreams life and time, a future to explain and discover.  Then comes the ripe middle age and then again the twilight time to confirm and issue, just telling  truth.   Some wine, like people, smiling at us from the bottle, but really  they need long time to express the best side of  their own nature,  with the ebb and flow of seasons and years.   So a young Timorasso, just passed in a bottle, is very enjoyable  wine in the scent and flavour, but demanding time to be able to  give deep emotions.  A Beautiful dream today, a magnificent set  of structure, finesse and minerality in the tasting magic moment.

                                                                                  See you in five years, and more




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