Adoption of a row of grapevines

The grape growing and vinification art, in Italy, have preserved in the centuries a big cultural value, highly  socializing. Today more than ever, the wine is symbolic  of strong identity, strictly linked to the strength and tradition of its territory. Therefore it’s natural that all of us look in a wine for the feelings that declare the highest quality and a story  gratifying it.

Italian Sentimento is pleased to anounce the new service for Adoption of a row of grapevines, with which everyone can be welcomed in our millenarian culture of Wine and this turns into your soul, because our fine vine growers acquaint you with our ground and our processes, sharing fine culture and true emotions in some incredible Italian environment. You can choose among different territories and vines in the most prestigious production areas and get brilliant bottles about yourself.

If you are interested to leave on a trip that will involve you with culture, sensory centers and heart    e-mail


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