The scent of a dream

“Symbiosis is the key to understanding the charm and the mystery of truffles growth : it is the symbiosis between trees and the earth; symbiosis between the climate,  the landscape and the fog that penetrates the ground and nourishes it, symbiotsis between the truffle  hunter and the hunter’s  dog to find the best places search for the elusive underground mushroom.
“The La Voglina truffle club” came into being because all these symbiotic relationships aligned in this beautiful villa in the hills of Monferrato.  Here is the perfect symbiosis between landscape, climate, atmosphere, land all blended together to create the incredible truffle experience.

Join us into the ancient and traditional ritual of truffle hunting and we will offer you a sensory and visual experience that will leave you an indelible feeling of having participated in something truly unique in nature.”

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