The history of the truffle

The history of the truffle, a gorgeous underground fungus, is totally hooked with Italy. We have the confirmations from varied testimonies on truffles since the Roman days.

Pliny the Elder, naturalist and natural philosopher, In Historia Naturalis, said that the truffle was a callus of the earth, while the poet Juvenalis wrote that the truffle grows from the root of the trees struck by the lightning and the imperial cook Apicius has called it food of Gods, as Jupiter, king of Gods, was eager of this precious fungus.


All around the world everyone celebrates the excellence of truffles and  everyone knows also that only the white truffle is the top one, the big King of truffles.

Since the history makes culture but not the quality, it is also good to know that the top quality of white truffle is only italian, with no doubts.

However, what is important is  the certainty of the origin: the truffle is indeed a pure pleasure of the senses and the awareness to be at the high end always.

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The Breakdown


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  1. Andrew

    I have found that simplifying terminology and dumbing things down for clients whilst judging their level of awareness works then educating them in the explaining each aspect in the correct terminology afterwards works well and helps it stick.

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