NADIA JUNG. The heart between wine and camera

When her brazilian mobile rings from any cellar around the world, miss Nadia Jung packs her bags and moves in a while, because she’s a Wine Photographer and her heart beats for the culture of true and great wines.  She tells us about her last experience in Bordeaux.



“Last April 2017, an email came to my Cashier. I was invited to photograph the vintage 2017 in Bordeaux, at Castle Pontet Canet in Paulliac. I started to feel anxious. Early reports indicated that frost affected vines everywhere aand Bordeaux and his vintage would be one of the smallest in the world.
My boyfriend said that I was lucky because I would testify a historical vintange.
September, I come there, from Brazil to Paulliac, to a castle that is all over the world, recognition of Robert Parker’s two points.
Well, after 15 days of hard work, 70 gb of photo taken 12-15 working hours.
I can say: this was a historical vintage in that and I could do only a small part. To see the people who work hard in the came to see the dedication of a winemaker, who has to take huge decisions based on nature: this is something unbelievable.
 These photos show only a little of what I saw, lived and experienced, maybe you can get my special feeling .” Cheers, Nadia Jung

With our best compliments for your great job, we hope you get a call from Italy for the vintage 2018 and support you for a new successful shoot. Ciao Nadia!

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  1. Sylvio de Alencar

    Poucas e expressivas as suas palavras Roberto, mas verdadeiras e bem vindas. Reflete com sentimento o jeito de ser dessa mulher de atitude, de sentimentos sinceros, e envolvida em sua atividade na qual se expressa, literária e fotograficamente, de maneira envolvente.
    É bem vinda esta sua matéria.
    Grande abbraccio!

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