The Mirror of Life: this is the way in which Volpedo welcome you. 

Close to Milano, one our to drive with flowers A7 highway to Genova, outside Tortona City, Volpedo village  is Giuseppe Pellizza’s birthplace, the famous painter of early twentieth century. Pride in his small town, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, 100 years after is death, shows his art on every street corner with fine landscapes and slice of life.

In the village accession “the Mirror of life” is waiting for you, picture with a symbolistic and social message, with a sheep’s line walking in Volpedo scenery at sunset time. The inspiration comes from Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio canto III: “…and what first does, the other also do” and it’s a good introduction to the social issue that Giuseppe Pellizza expressed in “The fourth Estate” the Pellizza’s masterpiece, still today evolution’s symbol of mass.

Positive Symbolism in Pellizza Da Volpedo’s Paintings

A stopover in Volpedo is a good chance to breathe an old air, like hundred years ago, holding in your hand that people, like sheep’s line, come and go, but true art still remains.


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