Dalya Luttwak. Roots – the source of all life

Today I was in Cremolino, High Monferrato, to see the new installation of Dalya Luttwak, in ancient I Pola estate, and I have seen a touching art opera, for the meaning I felt that was in itself a reflection of and in perfect balance with those Piemonte hills where nature rolls and expresses itself so meaningfully.


Roots are both the mirror of the past, concrete awareness in the present and the expression of hope and the life force that builds the future. Every root tells its own story and of each component of nature, including Dalya and each and everyone of us, as we live our lives within our own intimacy or as seen and experiences by the others.

Dalya’s art talks about us and life in general, being an invitation to contemplate who we are, what we are and in such a way that we can ourselves find our real dimension, what we are as human beings.

Dear Dalya, thank you for all emotions I received from you and you art and bringing this to our own special and beautiful land of Piedmont.

dal me

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