food for LOve

Valentine to eat..and drink

Love is celebrated in thousand forms of expression, including the game, that could be a pun, or meaningful glances and sometime cuddly battles with pillow. Also food is a good weapon, or better an instrument, for express some sentiment and send more or less explicit messages and involving all senses in intimate sharing moments: the time at the table is everytime perfect for lower the strangeness wall and, sometime, for destroy it. Never mind when the barriers are already at the minimum! Love is an experience living on ethereal moments, but also on earthly outbursts. First step toward the complicity is done meanwhile you share a charming scent or a genuine flavour and it creates first the right and sweet mood, to end in the deepest Eros, when food has that extra something, known as aphrodisiac.

On Valentine day, it seems quite interesting to go through the classic cookbook by Monferrato and Langhe looking for that food and recipes, right to support the approach in the atmosphere of Love, some by scientific data and some by legend.

1) Canapé with Maize polenta and grape mustard cognà. During the second world war, in north Italian families, maize polenta adressed the lack of food. The birth rate in that period was the possible consequence by this food, jointly to a pair of factors, because there was no television yet, or play station. Really maize flour lowers the serotonin level, inhibiting the principles opposed to Eros, and contains dopamine that is an important enhancer. 



2) Cognà Is the typical grape must preserve, with genuine and special ingredients, like fig and hazelnut. Since ancient Greeks fig was considered top aphrodisiac fruit, containg manganese, vitamine E and zinc, very important for the sexual wellbeing. The mix with hazel nut gives the cognà a special energy power.

3) Risotto rice with truffle. The link bewteen Love and Truffle is carved in the legend, starting by mythology, because truffle was the Zeus’ favourite food, at the mercy of uncontrollable Love passion and father of countless children by mortal women and goddesses. The scent of truffles is absolutely sensual and introduces wonderfully the erotic approach, anticipating a little the human feeling.

4) Cheese wheel and honey. In ancient times very much appreciated by Greeks and still today icon of sweetness, as in the current english speaking a loved one is called “honey” Two different honeys are a perfect pairing with cheeses. But you could only taste honey, maybe spread somewhere or also “finger way”: it’s a matter of creativity, for very close moments.

bacio    dito

5) Baci di dama (Lady kisses). Kiss is the most direct expression in Love meanwhile chocolate is linkable to his scent and sensuality. Chocolate acts mostly on central nervous system, stimulating energy and alertness, concentrations and sexual desire. Latest scientific studies have found in chocolate low level presence of phenyl ethylamine, a molecule raised by human body during love process, that releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to the pleasure feeling. Hazelnut, on his side, has important nutritional value, very important in Love stuffs.

  6) MAGGIO 138And what about wine? Wine can never miss!

So a glass of good red wine, according to a study of Florence  University, acts as a stimulator in female Eros.

About men we know so well that wine lowers                      inhibitions. 

Therefore, come on and let’s get this done, but, pay attention please,  everything has to be in the due way, of course! 







If this Menu does not work like you wanted, retry please…better look next time.              Happy Valentine’s day and happy Love.


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