The Monferrato Tour in five slices

Going up and down the Monferrato hills side,  from low Monferrato (Casale and north Asti Province)  to high Monferrato (south Asti Province and Acqui Terme, Novi Ligure, Ovada and Tortona on the surrounding hills) you get very typical cured meats, for your exclusive pleasure. Be ready with a genuine bread and a glass of wine and “Carpe diem” (seize the moment): cheers!


Filetto Baciato means kissed fillet and it’s an ancient raw cured meat, with a heart made of delicate filet mignon and tenderloin. Prepared according to a traditional recipe, since XIX Century, this product is typical from Ponzone, on  the hills above Acqui Terme

Muletta is a typical raw salami from Monferrato, high quality product made from highly selected pork meat, known since the second half of 1800. The name probably comes from the slang of Trieste, and means young girl, brought here by the soldiers on the way home from the Italian Risorgimento battles.

Salame Cotto IGP (Protected Geographical Indication PGI)  means cooked cured meat; it’s exclusively produced in Piedmont and made with lean and fat pork meat, slowly cooked in water.  We have no definitive reports about Salame Cotto’s origin, but it’s a very ancient product by the piedmontese farms.

Crespone is a big sized salame big, protected designation of origin DOP,  made with pork and cow’s thin meats, by addition of garlic and Barbera wine. This is a coarse salame, that invokes of taste things almost forgotten.

Salame Piemonte IGP (Protected Geographical Indication PGI) is a raw, stuffed and cured product, made basically from a mixture of fresh marbled pork. meat from the Italian Large White and Italian Landrace or Duroc pigs

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