The Anchovies: they aren’t up in the mountains

Let us agree on one first thing: the Anchovy is pure flavour. Probably it will never be a super fine food, but that’s absolutely pleasing to the tongue.

Now, that said, it’s important to explane why the anchovy is a typical food in a mountain region, like Piedmont. The history offers a clear explanation for this true weirdness, because in Medieval times the Piedmont was one of the gateways between the sea and the north Europe, through which it was possible to develop the business activities. Since the salt was the most important product for the preservation of food, the salted fish became an important feed and easy to supply in the valleys and the hills. Hence our culture of seafood was born and also the name “Sale” (salt), of the village close to Tortona.

about the classic piedmontese recipe

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