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The Spirit of Langhe in the Barolo Museum

here, in Langhe, ground and work are into wine, wine into dream and dream comes true. 


In Barolo village WIMU,  the Wine Museum, tells this amazing story, and really we can feel in a while because Barolo is one of the most excellent wines in the world. Really you don’t need to enter in the Museum to feel totally dipped in a special world.


The opening of the Museum is on the rooftop, with the panoramic terrace, on the Langhe Hills. the highest level is about the Nature, mother of all wines, in a magic scene between dream and human work.


The following level is about the discovery of wine in history and art, at the tables and all the expressions of excellence,


The course follows with the history of the castle and the last Falletti Marquis of Barolo, Carlo Tancredi and his wife Juliette Colbert. Juliette was the Lady of Barolo and supported the launch of the wine around the European courts and the world in the middle 800’s. Obviously last step is with the tasting room, just a touch of taste in a dream’s atmosphere.

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