Guess what there’s in Valenza safe

Valenza opens the safe and shows his “secret jewels” and Monferrato and Langhe’s tradition, with wines and flavours.

This is for everyone interested in true experiences with true people and true flavours.

 Experiential tasting trend is the ultimate experience to be inner the Italian culture of food, that is an important asset to the Italian style. We mean a tasting of genuine local wines and  family-style plates meal, in a communal location or in some fine country house or cellar in Monferrato and Langhe. something extra ordinary for foreign visitors, but usual in all Italian houses  and something that you never could find in a restaurant.



Italian Sentimento leads this format in cooperation with the Tourism department in the municipality of Valenza, leaded by Massimo Barbadoro, working on the development of  Valenza’s territory, with a brilliant piedmontese culture of flavour behind the most shining and beautiful jewels of the world.

max e rob

at right. Massimo Barbadoro, responsible at the Tourism Department in Valenza

This is a chance to enjoy a unique pairing between wonder for eyes with jewels, the historical skill in Valenza, now  two hundred years old, with wonder of smell, with truffles, and taste with wines and millenarian typical food.

 Let’s knock on Valenza door, the most beautiful dreams come true here.

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